Executive Director, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy

I wasn’t sure what to expect this week, but I could not have been more impressed. The instructors and guest speakers outnumbered the students, and each of them exhibited genuine interest in our success. It was clear form the beginning that the Edit Center takes this class very seriously, and after the first two hours I’d learned more than what I’ve learned on my own in the last two years. The crew really seemed to enjoy their work, and everyone got along so well. It is easy to learn when you’re interested in the subject and so admiring of your teachers. This experience was worth the investment, and I’ll employ what I learned for years to come.

I enjoyed the facility and neighborhood around the Edit Center’s new home. For a learning documentary filmmaker, it was a target-rich environment in Gowanus. The neighborhood felt like it was changing for the better, and it was so convenient to reach on the F train.

The best thing about learning through the eyes of an editor is that every part of the process truly looks toward the final product in an efficient and successful way.