Virtual Reality offers a brand new storytelling medium, rooted in classic elements but with its own unique language. This two weekend workshop will not only teach you how to shoot, process, edit, and distribute VR content—it will also teach you how to plan projects that maximize the creative potential of this new form.

Your teacher is Tim Chaffee, one of the VR gurus behind The New York Times's Daily 360 series. Tim has helped create and distribute hundreds of VR experiences that have been viewed by millions of people and he'll share his hard-earned experience, showing you how VR is changing the filmmaking landscape, discussing its many potential applications and challenges, and walking you through advanced post-production workflows.

VR is an art form in its infancy. Creators and early adopters now have an unparalleled opportunity to discover and shape the way this new language is spoken for generations to come.


Teaching Roster

Tim is an associate producer for New York Time's Immersive Video team. Previously, Tim was an associate producer for the Daily 360, a daily series of immersive 360-degree videos.

Before joining The New York Times in 2016, Tim worked as a freelance filmmaker, editor and video supervisor. Tim was born in Binghamton, New York and studied theater direction at Fordham University and editing at The Edit Center.

What You Will Learn

  • Getting to know your camera

  • Parallax, Lenses, and Stitching

  • Camera placement, 360 cinematography

  • Getting in the field

  • Processing dailies - intro to Mistika

  • Editing in Premiere, VR tools and effects

  • Editing in 360 - VR theory, points of interest and editing together

  • VR storytelling Immersion vs. Embodiment

  • Planning your shoot

  • Crafting VR

  • Graphics in Premiere

  • Export and upload settings

  • Sideloading headsets

  • Post Production and Polish

  • Color correct, camera removal

  • Ambisonic production and workflow

  • Bigger cameras - Are they worth it?

  • Distribution - where are the viewers?

  • Moving forward with VR

Who Should Attend?

This class is perfect for students who are familiar with other editing software (like Avid or Final Cut Pro) and have a desire to create 360-degree videos. 

If you have no prior editing experience and want to see if this class may still be a good fit for you, feel free to contact us to chat about it!  


This class requires knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation. Prior editing experience (with Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere) is recommended, but not required. Tech savvy individuals will likely be able to keep up.

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Saturday & Sunday
(over two weekends)
10:30am - 5:30pm

Course Fee