Mayor Mohamed

Mayor Mohamed follows a long-serving Muslim-American mayor as he risks his life abroad to bring humanitarian relief to Syria, and as he confronts Islamophobia at home in the U.S. When a Board of Education member shuts down Mohamed at a meeting by shouting, "This is not Sharia Law," and runs against him for mayor, it's not just Mohamed, but also a particular vision of American democracy that's on the ballot.

The New York Love Songs

Directed by Darah Golub

From the first-person perspective of filmmaker Darah Golub, who began filming herself and her peers at the New School for Jazz in 2007, The New York Love Songs chronicles a number of artists throughout the decade to explore how their relationship to music evolves as they come of age at the start of the new digital frontier.

Magic Hour

Directed by Jaqueline Christy

A long-suffering housewife fulfills her dream of going to film school without telling her philandering husband and self-involved teenage daughter. Starring Miriam Shor, from the television show Younger.

Esme, My Love

Directed by Cory Choy

When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take a camping trip to her childhood hometown in a desperate attempt to connect with Esme before they have to say goodbye.


Directed by Debra Granik

Since October 2015, we have been filming a group of formerly incarcerated individuals in New York City as they transition out of prison, including Coss Marte, the founder of the fitness studio ConBody. Coss and the other trainers at the gym are bold examples of men and women who are pushing back against the numerous set-backs and structural impediments to successful re-entry. Unexpectedly Coss' story has received copious coverage in social media and outlets like The New York Times and CNN so the role of social media in re-inventing personal narratives plays a part in this story as well. A substantial amount of our footage chronicles the growth of his business and the ways in which, after his release, he has worked to help other formerly incarcerated individuals. The film also highlights the important role mentors and meaningful programs play in post incarceration growth.

Hard Night

Directed by Charlie Scharfman

On the 4th of July, a serial killer has a moral crisis when he discovers that his latest victim is a high-school student; simultaneously, a rookie cop and a seasoned detective race against the clock to save her life.