Alumni testimonials


By course’s end, you’re not just a technician who can splice clips into a timeline—you’re an effective storyteller.
— Hilary Crowe/Assistant Editor, Finding 52
I intended on applying to film schools, but I knew I wanted to edit, and I didn’t want to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt for grad school.
— Paul Frost/Editor, Years of Living Dangerously
Only five months after completing the program, I was hired as an assistant editor on a documentary series for CNN.
— Kayla Sklar/Assistant Editor, Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History
The 6-week Art of Editing was the best class I’ve ever taken, and far and away the most valuable for me professionally.
— Sarah Devorkin/Editor, Page One: Inside the New York Times
I had heard about the importance of connections and networking in the film industry, but I had no idea how directly the Edit Center network would affect my trajectory.
— Christy Shigekawa/Assistant Editor, Travel Channel
I’ve rarely been in a more inspiring, supportive, and artistically stimulating environment.
— Stephanie Ahn/Editor, My Old Lady
An excellent way to learn the technical and creative processes of editing a feature film.
— Alec Styborski/Assistant Editor, True Detective
We worked on promising, challenging films, and I treated it like an internship where I was constantly trying to do better, and be better, every day.
— Sam Dane/Assistant Editor, 16 Bars
Working on real movies with real directors is invaluable experience and I’ve thought back to lessons learned with each new producer/director I’ve worked with.
— Matt Colbourn/Editor, Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee
The Edit Center kick-started my career in editing. I have worked steadily ever since.
— Jenny Lee/Editor, The Skeleton Twins
I went to the six-week Art of Editing class that summer and realized quickly that it was going to change my life.
— Pisie Hochheim
Not only did the instructors teach the technical aspects to editing, but also explored artistic theories and ideas that they have learned in the field.
— Tyler Walk/Editor, Where to Invade Next
Never met a single person who has regretted taking the course, just people who wish they took it sooner.
— Kate McLane/Assistant Editor, Agnelli
Because of the Edit Center, I’m doing what I love
— Chad Beck, A.C.E./Editor, Inside Job
When I walked in I had no experience, but the method was so thorough that I never felt left behind.
— Ben Laffin/On-line Editor, My Perestroika
Since taking the class, I’ve been editing non-stop, and I know that I have this great community of teachers and alums to turn to if I need advice.
— Lee Rossoff/Editor, The Big Interview