Old Dog

Directed by Sally Rowe

Old Dog is about New Zealand farmer Paul Sorenson has a unique connection with his colleagues — a team of sheep dogs. For 40 years, he's worked to develop smarter and more intuitive training methods for fellow farmers, while grappling with memories of a difficult childhood. Reaching retirement, the veteran dog whisperer passes his knowledge to the next generation of shepherds, and reflects on the sacrifices he's made to pursue his intense passion for dogs.

Love Type D

Directed by Sasha Collington

After getting dumped for the eleventh time in a row, Frankie Browne discovers (to her dismay) that she has a loser in love gene. And she is not alone. Scientists have discovered that one in five people have the gene for romantic misfortune: the D-type gene.


Directed by Cynthia Lowen

Netizens follows targets of cyber harassment, along with lawyers, advocates, and policymakers, as they confront digital abuse and strive for equality and justice online. These powerful stories show how harassment presents significant barriers to women’s equal access to education, employment and expression.

Albanian Gangster

Directed by Matthew Brown

Albanian Gangster is a fresh and striking take on the gangster genre, inspired by real events. Over two years, director Matthew Brown had unprecedented access to the criminal underworld in the Bronx's Albanian community. The result is an illuminating portrait of the criminal mind.


Directed by Sarah Pirozek

Woodstock teen, Rosie, mourning the anniversary of her younger sister Amelia’s death, discovers the mysterious man, who sexploited her sister, bullying her to commit suicide is back on-line trolling for new victims…When the authorities won't get involved she finds a darker side she never knew she had as she takes justice into her own hands.


Barry Gibbs, FRAMED for murder by mafia cops, in the most notorious case of police CORRUPTION in the NYPD, was released from prison after serving two decades for a crime he did not commit, only to discover that his nightmare had just begun. This is the unbelievable true story of Barry’s life after exoneration, a man who left prison with nothing and became a MILLIONAIRE.