Major Arcana

Major Arcana is the story of Dink, a long-troubled itinerant carpenter who returns home to small town Vermont and attempts to build a log cabin by hand, hoping to prove to himself and those closest to him that he’s capable of leading a more virtuous life. 

Finding 52

Finding 52 follows director/producer Josh Zeman (Cropsey, The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin, Ceremony), Adrian Grenier (star of "Entourage" and producer of How to Make Money Selling Drugs and Teenage Paprazzo) and a team of world renowned scientists searching for the elusive '52 Hertz Whale'. Calling out at 52 Hz, a frequency unrecognized by other whales, this mysterious creature is believed to have lived its life in complete solitude, its calls forever unanswered by its own kind. In our ever-present fascination with these majestic beasts, the tale of '52' has prompted an intense reaction amongst our own species, pointing to a greater awareness of human loneliness than ever before.


Daphne, a young go-getter in Portland, Oregon, leaves her mother’s home to move to the Oregon Coast and start a family with her boyfriend, Roger, when he inherits his childhood beach house. But when they run into Susanna, an awkward woman who works at the local arcade, Daphne learns that Roger hasn’t been completely honest about his past and Daphne might have to fight not just for her relationship but for her very survival.

The Holly

Former gang leader turned anti-violence activist Terrance Roberts is arrested for shooting a young gang member during a peace rally in Denver’s historic “Holly” neighborhood. While Roberts awaits trial, his absence reignites a deadly gang war as years of truces and community work unravels and other forces move in. Facing 102 years in prison, and fearing for his safety, Roberts seeks information that might exonerate him from what he believes was a set-up. When witnesses begin to come forward and emergency federal and local money pours in to fight what becomes one of the nation’s most violent gang wars, evidence of a conspiracy to take down Roberts surfaces—along with shocking revelations of a larger and more systemic corruption plaguing communities of color.