Dog Sweat

Class Project Released in Theaters in NYC and LA

Former class project Dog Sweat will be released in theaters in New York City on November 11, 2011 and in Los Angeles on November 18, 2011. The film was edited by TEC alum/instructor Mollie Goldstein, who was assisted by alums Sophie Corra, Richard Migliorisi and Simon Wheeldon. Of the film, The Hollywood Reporter writes, "With well-known Iranian filmmakers being jailed, especially following the highly protested presidential elections, and others fleeing the countries, the courage shown by Keshavarz and his cast and crew speaks for itself." For more information, including theater info and show times, visit

Class Project Featured in 2011 Nashville Film Festival

Dog Sweat, a project of the six-week class in 2009, will compete against eight other films in the narrative film competition at the 2011 Nashville Film Festival. The film interweaves the stories of six young Iranians, as they grapple with life amidst a conservative political system. Dog Sweat was edited by TEC alum and instructor Mollie Goldstein with alum Simon Wheeldon serving as an associate editor. The film premiered at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival. Visit here for more information on the Nashville Film Festival and Dog Sweat.

Independent Spirit Award Nominations Include Class Films and Alums

The 26th annual Independent Spirit Awards' nominations were announced today and include a slew of TEC Alums, Instructors, and a class film. Winter's Bone leads the awards pack with 7 nominations, including Best Feature, Best Director, and both Best Male and Female Lead. Other nominees include: Best Feature, The Kids Are Alright (Executive Producer, Riva Marker, TEC alum); Best First Feature, Night Catches Us (Editor, Affonso Gonçalves, TEC instructor); Someone to Watch Award, Hossein Keshavarz for TEC project, Dog Sweat. Also nominated for Best First Screenplay was Monogomy which was edited by TEC alum/instructor, Mollie Goldstein and Tiny Furniture which was edited by TEC alum Lance Edmands. For the full list of nominees, visit indieWIRE.

Class Film, Dog Sweat, Premieres this Summer

Dog Sweat, a class project in 2008 & 2009, will premiere at this year's Los Angeles Film Festival in the Narrative Competition category. Shot clandestinely in Tehran, the subversive Dog Sweat intertwines the lives of six young Iranians as they struggle to satisfy their private desires in the face of conservative Islamic society. Alum/instructor, Mollie Goldstein edited the film and alum Simon Wheeldon was an associate editor.