Class Film, Alums, and Teachers Nominated for Oscars

Winter’s Bone, The Kids Are All Right, and Inside Job have all received awards nominations for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Winter’s Bone, the TEC class project in May 2009, has received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay as well as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. Winter’s Bone was edited by TEC instructor, Affonso Goncalves, who was assisted by Naomi Goodman and Tory Stewart, both TEC alums. The Kids Are All Right, in which TEC alum Riva Marker was an executive produce received a nomination for Best Picture, as well as nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Original Screenplay. Inside Job, which was edited and co-written by TEC alums Chad Beck and Adam Bolt and assisted by alums Eugene Yi, Sheila Shirazi, and John Woo is nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Winners will be announced on February 27, 2011. For a full list of Oscar nominations, visit