Queen of Earth

Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Centerpiece at the BAMcinemafest.

Directed by Alex Ross Perry. Starring Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice)

An intimate and sad story about two strong women and the weaknesses that defeat them, Queen of Earth takes something familiar and makes it uncomfortable and nightmarish. Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) and Virginia (Katherine Waterston) are two lifelong friends on their annual summer vacation at Virginia's family lake house. Since last year, things have gone from bad to worse for Catherine. Tragedy and misfortune have followed her everywhere, and she slowly learns that this week will not be the respite and rejuvenation she was hoping for. 

The isolation they rely on and hoped for at the lake elude them, with perversions and invasions from idle curiosity, memories of last year, and the inescapability of nosy people who do not respect the privacy of others. The women struggle with outside forces, themselves, and each other as the days tick away and the problems mount. 

Queen of Earth was recently picked up by IFC Films.