Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

SXSW Nominee 2012.

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters follows photographer Gregory Crewdson as he creates a new body of work, a series of a dozen large-scale images. Crewdson has become internationally known for his photographs that capture moments of great drama and tension. Emphasizing the human condition and the darker, melancholic nature of suburban and small-town life, each still image appears almost to be a single frame of a movie. They are, however, completely of Crewdson's making, utilizing elaborate sets and a full motion picture-sized crew. The scale of the shoots are daunting: Crewdson's team has shut down blocks, long sections of main streets, torn down a house and set fire to another, weathered blizzards, and constructed complete house interiors complete down to the pill bottles on the nightstand—all in service of Crewdson's expansive visual and narrative imagination.