Superheroes and You Belong to Me receive reviews in Variety

Superheroes, the class project of the Sept/Oct 2006 class, was referred to in Variety as a, "wrenching two-hander about the visible and less visible scars an Iraq vet attempts to live with... Somber, affecting indie is a conversation-starter for folks who assume getting home in one piece is all that matters." Superheroes was assistant edited by TEC alum Eric Gerdts. And after an exciting premiere at The Frameline Film Festival, You Belong to Me, the class project of the March/April 2007 class, received a Variety review stating the film "benefits from crisp execution, quirky character writing and a credible sense of real-world peril." You Belong to Me was edited by TEC Instructor Anita Gabrosek, who was assisted by TEC alum Rachel Mills.