Peter and Vandy

Class Film Opens in Theaters

Peter and Vandy, the project of the March 2008 6-week class, opens October 9 in NY and LA. Stephen Farber at The Hollywood Reporter writes that Peter and Vandy has "sharp writing and strong chemistry between the stars" and that Jess Weixler "is utterly radiant throughout the picture." The film was edited by TEC instructor Geoffrey Richman and stars Jess Weixler (Teeth, Alexander the Last) and Jason Ritter (Happy Endings, The Wicker Man).


Sundance Film Updates

Edit Center alums and teachers received awards, praise and deals at this year's Sundance Film Festival: The Cove, edited by TEC instructor Geoff Richman, won the Documentary Audience Award and was praised by Justin Chang of Variety: "Casting a very wide net, this powerful polemic is simultaneously a love letter to a beloved species, an eye-opening primer on worldwide dolphin captivity, a playful paranoid thriller and a work of deep-seated... moral outrage."; The Missing Person, edited by TEC alum Mollie Goldstein and a 2007 Edit Center class project, was well received at the festival and James Rocchi wrote on Cinematical that the film "isn't merely a clever, cool spin on the classic private eye story...It has the knowing, humane touches of Paul Auster's brilliant urban fiction."; Peter and Vandy, also edited by TEC instructor Geoff Richman and a 2008 Edit Center project, displayed one of the best female performances of the festival (Jess Weixler) states Steve Ramos of indieWIRE; Cold Souls (starring Paul Giamatti), in which TEC instructor Andrew Blackwell was the associate editor, was acquired by Samuel Goldman after the festival; Reporter, a 2007 class project, was reviewed by Eric Kohn of indieWIRE who writes, "With a series of gorgeous, frequently haunting sequences, Metzger captures the wide-ranging responses of struggling Africans." TEC Alums, Daniel Rosen and Bo Mehrad were the associate editor and additional editor, respectively, on Reporter.


Three Edit Center Class Projects Head to Sundance

Peter and Vandy, Reporter, and The Missing Person, all 2007-2008 Edit Center class projects, will be premiering at Sundance in January. Peter and Vandy, which was edited after the class by TEC instructor Geoff Richman, is competing in the narrative category and Reporter, directed by Eric Meztgar, will be screening in the documentary competition. The Missing Person, which was edited by Edit Center Alum Mollie Goldstein, will be part of the Spectrum section of the festival.