Interview with TEC Alum Marina Katz on new film “the Brink”

Steve Bannon The Brink.jpg

TEC Alum, Marina Katz, spoke with Filmmaker Magazine, along with co-editor Brian Goetz, to discuss her experience working on the documentary feature, The Brink, which premiered at Sundance 2019. The documentary follows Steve Bannon as he tries to rebrand himself after his time at The White House.

"We created a rule with the archival: it could only be informational, not used as a surrogate for the voice of the filmmaker. This helped keep it pointed and smart. For dramatic effect, we covered radio voices with verite of our protagonist, adding a layer of him reacting to the news media about him. We passed sequences back and forth, and to our director too, always keeping the edit moving. This helped us put together the film quickly—which was necessary, given our short tight frame!”

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