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The King, edited by TEC alums Elia Gasull Balada & Betsy Kagen, assistant edited by Janah Cox and Andres Vergara with Samuel Kun as a PA/Researcher, is nominated for a Grammy in the Best Music Film category.

“Jarecki presents Presley’s and Phillips’s blatant and intentional cultural appropriation from various angles: as a form of resistance to segregation, an authentic effort to honor musicians whom they loved, yet also a path to wealth and fame that left those musicians behind, unrewarded and unrecognized.”

- Richard Brody at The New Yorker

Itzhak. edited by TEC alum Helen Yum with additional cinematography by TEC Alum Ramsey Fendall, is nominated for Best Music Film at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

"There's never a doubt that you're in the hands of craftspeople operating at the peak of their powers, even as each choice serves the work. Helen Yum's editing is superb. It displays a rare sense of how to cut musical performances and dialogue together in a way that preserves the continuity of the music while favoring the forward motion of the story."

- Matt Seitz at Roger Ebert