Alum Film Little Men in Theaters Today

Little Men, edited by TEC teacher and alum Mollie Goldstein and TEC teacher Affonso Gonçalves, is now playing in New York. TEC alums Brian Young and Katrina Pastore served as assistant editors on the film, which is on the New York Times Critics' Pick List. A.O. Scott writes:

When parents are around, “Little Men” feels like a modest, precise drama of urban life, but when it follows Tony and Jake, absorbing the loose rhythms of their companionship, the film becomes something richer and harder to classify. It’s a boys adventure story edged with unspoken risks, and the young actors take the kind of chances that their more careful and disciplined elders have been trained to avoid.

You can read the full NYTimes review here.  Little Men is playing at the IFC Center and Lincoln Center