Evergreen Opens to Excellent Reviews

Evergreen, the project of the May/June 2003 six-week course, has opened in AMC theaters nationwide and is garnering great reviews from critics across the country.  The LA Times writes that Evergreen is “the kind of small, deeply personal American film that rarely surfaces even in art theaters these days…Mainstream moviegoers at their local AMC willing to stray from Hollywood fare may find themselves pleasantly surprised," and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it is "a rare film that's about social class in American life, and Bellingham writer-director Enid Zentelis explores its hidden structure and silent barriers in a novel, subtle way that makes its points without hitting us over the head with them."  Evergreen was edited by Edit Center instructor Meg Reticker, with alumni Anita Gabrosek and Chad Back serving as associate and assistant editors.