TEC at Sundance

We're excited announce that several films by TEC teachers and alums made it into Sundance Film Festival's 2016 lineup!

White Girl | Edited by TEC alum Michael Taylor
"Shot with a sharp eye for New York City, White Girl thrashes through an increasingly high-stakes game of hedonism where unspoken socio-economic tensions coupled with a blatant disregard for consequence converge into a shocking commentary on today's youth culture."


Newtown | Edited by TEC teacher Gabriel Rhodes
"There are no words of compassion or reassurance that can bring back the 20 children and six educators who lost their lives during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In Kim A. Snyder’s searing new film Newtown, we are given exclusive access into the homes of those who lost loved ones. They speak candidly about their grief, anger, and disbelief over what occurred and how nothing has changed in regards to basic gun control reform."


Complete Unknown | Edited by TEC teacher Malcolm Jamieson
"Director and co-writer Joshua Marston, whose debut, Maria Full of Grace, won the Audience Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, returns to the Festival with another probing character study. Marston elicits fascinating, nuanced performances... By turns sad and sweet, Complete Unknown is a melancholy meditation on identity, focusing on the perils and pleasures of self-reinvention."


Little Men | Edited by TEC alum Mollie Goldstein and TEC teacher Affonso Gonçalves | TEC alums Brian Young and Katrina Pastore, Assistant Editors
"Little Men is a critical yet empathetic look at the dangers of gentrification. Ira Sachs, director of Love Is Strange and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner Forty Shades of Blue, accentuates the natural vibrancy of Brooklyn and brings out the best in his actors... It's a triumphant return to the Festival for Sachs, who has made a film that never lets its abundant kindness interfere with its honest portrayal of a rapidly changing neighborhood."


Love & Friendship | Edited by TEC alum Sophie Corra
"Adapting Jane Austen’s unpublished early novella Lady Susan, Whit Stillman returns to the Sundance Film Festival (where his Metropolitan premiered in 1990) in top form with his latest comedy of manners. Kate Beckinsale excels in her role as the deliciously devious Lady Vernon and delivers each line with relish. With exquisite period detail and a script teeming with bon mots and witty dialogue, Love & Friendship is a rare—and rarified—treat."


Wiener-Dog | Edited by TEC teacher Kevin Messman
"Twenty years ago, Todd Solondz took the Sundance Film Festival by storm when Welcome to the Dollhouse won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1996 Festival. Since then he has gone on to establish himself as one of the most uncompromising voices working in film. Wiener-Dog is vintage Solondz, brimming with brilliantly caustic and truthful observations about the human condition. He has a unique ability to find humor in the darkest of subject matter, allowing an empathetic light to shine on it."


Dark Night | Edited by TEC alum Jeanne Applegate
"Tim Sutton, the writer/director of Memphis (2014 Sundance Film Festival), takes this ripped-from-the-headlines story of an all-too-common tragedy and immerses us in the emotional fabric of its young characters’ lives. Sutton deploys a keenly observant style and a recurring motif of guns to suggest the ever-present threat of violence in American life. With its lyrical images, evocative sound design, and mournful soundtrack, Dark Night is a quietly powerful elegy for the dead."


O.J.: Made in America | Edited by TEC teacher Bret Granato
"The producers of ESPN’s 30 for 30, along with award-winning director Ezra Edelman, tell the story of one of the most polarizing people in American history, O.J. Simpson. They explore how Simpson's rise and fall was centered around two of America's greatest fixations—race and celebrity."