Class film Five Nights in Maine shines at TIFF

Reviews have been coming in for January 2015 class project Five Nights in Maine, edited by TEC alum Ron Dulin, with TEC alum Marina Katz serving as assistant editor. The film, starring David Oyelowo and Dianne Wiest, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. describes Five Nights in Maine:

Close-up and aching, leavened with a gentle wit and anchored by Oyelowo's inside-out performance.

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Variety praises Five Nights in Maine's filmmakers:

Curran does display a intriguingly understated, mature approach for such a young director, and Sofian El Fani’s photography of the beautiful yet cheerless Maine locations offers an ideal visual counterpart to the buttoned-down narrative that plays out within them.

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The Hollywood Reporter highlights the film's uniqueness:

It’s rare to come across a movie about grief and grieving that doesn’t feel manipulative or routine.

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