My questions were used as jumping off points for discussions about technique that I now constantly think about when I am out shooting.
— Mel Bavaria

Roaming around Dumbo with a camera and microphone, it was a trial by fire—but this trial by fire worked.
— Rebecca Wittert
Sometimes you just need the right tools from the right mentors, the right learning environment, and the right community to give you wings; that’s what this class was for me.
— David Choi

A filmmaking course taught by editors? Yes, please.
— James Bell

I found instructors who were not only tangibly passionate about this storytelling medium, but who were also able to teach it.
— Isaac Wei
The instructors and key speakers were excellent - experienced and very friendly.
— Nicole Guillemet

The week-long documentary class was a perfect mix of theoretical, practical, and inspiration.
— Stephanie Chung
It was a perfect combination of more traditional classroom-style learning and active projects.
— Dylan Carlson Sirvent
The best thing about learning through the eyes of an editor is that every part of the process truly looks toward the final product in an efficient and successful way.
— Zachary Branigan