Editing is at the core of documentary filmmaking. It’s how tens or hundreds of hours of raw footage are transformed into a compelling story. Yet despite its importance, there are few resources to learn about editing from the director’s perspective. As a result, even relatively experienced filmmakers find the post-production process stressful and overwhelming. And for first-time filmmakers, it’s a major stumbling block.

This two-day workshop, taught by Emmy-award-winning editor and producer Adam Bolt, is designed for documentary filmmakers of all levels who want to gain a deeper understanding of editing and post-production. This is not a technical class about editing software. Instead, you'll  learn how to think about editing in order to make better decisions while shooting and how to plan and manage a successful edit to get the most out of your budget and schedule. We'll also explore different storytelling strategies and discuss the most common editing pitfalls, using examples from real projects.

Before the class, you will have the opportunity to submit details about your own film projects and ideas. We will select the most relevant ones to discuss as a group.

  • How to approach production with editing in mind and make sure you get the footage you'll need in the edit room
  • Different storytelling strategies for verité, interview, and archival-driven projects
  • How to organize your footage for yourself and your editor
  • How to make your own selects and rough assemblies
  • How to plan an efficient editing schedule
  • How to successfully collaborate with your editor
  • How to watch and give feedback on a rough cut

What you will learn


Upcoming Classes

June 16 - 17


Sat & Sun, 10:30am - 5:30pm

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This class is perfect for everyone from beginners and first-time filmmakers looking to get started, to experienced producers, directors, and video journalists who want to bring their post-production skills to the next level. 

This class requires knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation.

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