Alec Styborski (Alum, September 2005) 

Assistant Editor Sleep Dealer (Sundance 2008)

Before taking the six-week course at The Edit Center, I was on a leave of absence from college and had no idea what to do. I had a continuing interest in film and video and knew I needed a learning environment that was hands-on and specific to editing. When I came across The Edit Center on the internet, I knew it was the perfect fit and I enrolled immediately.

Within my first few days at The Edit Center, I knew I made the right decision. Immediately, I was gaining informative and valuable feedback from professional editors, and I was quickly learning the tools to work in an editing room. I was learning how to edit from the first day, and before long Final Cut became intuitive and easy to use. By working with professional editors, I became a better storyteller and it prepared me for working in the real world.  

By taking the six-week course I was fortunate enough to make contacts and get my foot into the post-production world. Though initial opportunities were non-paying, it was an excellent way to learn the technical and creative processes of editing a feature film. Everyday, I was amazed at how generously editors and their assistants shared their knowledge with me, and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity. Since then I have worked as an assistant editor on three feature length films and once as a visual effects assistant. Enrolling at The Edit Center was one of the best decisions I ever made. Without it, and everyone there, it would have been impossible. Thank you Edit Center! 
Alec’s credits after attending The Edit Center include: visual effects assistant editor, Synecdoche, New York (Cannes 2008); assistant editor, Sleep Dealer (Sundance 2008); assistant editor Be Kind Rewind (dir. by Michel Gondry).