Chad Beck (Alum, March 2003)

Editor, No End in Sight (Academy Award Nominee, 2008)

Taking the six week course at the Edit Center was the best career decision I have ever made. As far back as I can remember I wanted to go into film editing. Before the Edit Center, I was working as a web developer and had put editing in the back of my mind as an unrealistic goal that required years of film school and connections I could not possibly make. Nonetheless, my passion would not subside and I found myself looking through course catalogs of film and master's programs in New York, desperately trying to rationalize the money and time I would have to commit to programs that just didn't seem right. I started asking friends of mine in the film industry if they had any ideas and a friend of mine at Miramax sent me a link to the Edit Center web site.

My jaw dropped and I enrolled immediately. After my first day of class, I was ecstatic about the people I was meeting and the knowledge I was able to soak up. The Edit Center classrooms are state-of-the art, with brilliant and kind instructors who genuinely want to pass on their knowledge of both the professional workflow and creative aspects of editing. The technical lectures are simply masterful and the constant feedback from working editors and directors is truly inspiring. I cannot imagine any film school or formal training course coming close to the level of teaching expertise and real industry experience available at the Edit Center. The editors, instructors, and teaching assistants are available every moment to answer every possible question and constantly reaffirm the concepts being taught. After three or four days, the technical aspects of working with the system fully sink in and give way to the more creative aspects of the editing. A true understanding of how a film is crafted and the importance of collaboration are emphasized above all. Honest feedback and constructive criticism help instill a sense of confidence that becomes crucial when looking for work in this industry. 

Through the connections I made with Edit Center teachers and my fellow students, I have edited three feature films and assisted on many others. I had to be willing to work for free to get started, but it's been completely worth it. Because of the Edit Center, I'm doing what I love and have been able to build a strong network of friends and colleagues along the way.

Chad has worked as an editor on No End in Sight (Academy Awards 2008, Sundance 2007) and The Recruiter (Sundance 2008). He also served as the Associate Editor on Half Nelson (Academy Awards 2007, Gotham Awards 2006, Sundance 2006).