TEC at Sundance and Slamdance

Sundance and Slamdance have announced their slates and we're thrilled to congratulate the following TEC alums, teachers, and class projects on their success!



A Kid Like Jake | Editor Michael Taylor (TEC Alum)

Exciting filmmaker Silas Howard returns to the Sundance Film Festival—after years of directing boundary-pushing TV series like Transparent and This Is Us—with a sharply observed feature expanding the vital conversation around gender identity today. Pitch-perfect performances from Danes and Parsons balance the relentless competitive drive of New Yorkers with the brutal honesty needed to keep a family together. Stellar supporting actors Amy Landecker, Ann Dowd, Priyanka Chopra, and Octavia Spencer bring humor and energy to the film, along with unexpected revelations about the characters and the world they inhabit.


Chef Flynn | Consultant Editor Amy Foote (TEC Alum)

With access to a trove of personal archival footage and including new, intimate vérité footage, director Cameron Yates creates a collage of Flynn’s singular focus and distinctive path through childhood. Chef Flynn shares a rare view of a young man’s successful rise from the inside.



MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A. | Editor Marina Katz (TEC Alum)

Maya kept the camera rolling through her battles with the music industry and mainstream media as her success and fame grew around the world. Filmmaker and longtime friend Stephen Loveridge situates us inside the personal process of one of the most provocative and divisive artists working in music today.



The King | Editor Elia Gasul Galada (TEC Alum) - Editor Betsy Kagen (TEC Alum)

With his singular cinematic brilliance, Jarecki paints a penetrating portrait of a nation in crisis and a metaphoric connection between Elvis and America. For just as a country boy lost his authenticity and became a king, so too his country lost her democracy and became an empire. One died on the toilet; the other now faces an uncertain future under the closest thing she’s ever had to a monarch.



The Trade | Editor Matthew Hamacheck (TEC Alum)

Director Matthew Heineman (City of Ghosts) returns to the Sundance Film Festival with this powerful, observational take on opioid addiction and the drug trade. Characters are presented without judgment in a riveting, interwoven narrative with superlative access to moments of heartbreak and personal truths. When one mother sobs, “I’m so tired of this; I don’t understand why,” she could be speaking for any person along this pervasive chain.


Wildlife | Editor Lou Ford (TEC Alum)

Actor Paul Dano makes an impressive debut as a filmmaker and—along with co-writer Zoe Kazan—elegantly adapts Richard Ford’s novel of the same name. Carey Mulligan delivers one of her finest performances as a complex woman whose self-determination and self-involvement disrupt the values and expectations of the 1960s nuclear family. With precise details and textures of its specific time and place, Wildlife commits to the viewpoint of a teenage boy observing the gradual dissolution of his parents’ marriage.


Come Sunday | Editor Malcolm Jamieson (TEC Teacher)

Based on the true story of a controversial and courageous man of God, Come Sunday elegantly and respectfully captures the authentic texture and tone of Pearson’s devout world, never resorting to hyperbole. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s tour-de-force performance embodies the effusive charisma and grounded humility of a character with everything to lose, yet even more to gain by heeding his convictions.


The Kindergarten Teacher | Editor Marc Vives (TEC Teacher) - Assistant Editor Katrina Pastore (TEC Alum)

Gyllenhaal propels every moment of this mysterious film with a beguiling performance that proves once again she’s one of the most interesting actors working today. Based on an acclaimed Israeli film, The Kindergarten Teacher is the superb sophomore feature from writer/director Sara Colangelo (Little Accidents, 2014 Sundance Film Festival).





Human Affairs | TEC August/September 2014 Six-Week class narrative film

Human Affairs is a visceral drama about the human condition that captivates from the first frame to the final credit, With a dazzling ensemble cast, this nuanced and hard-hitting, emotional story leaves a lasting impression long after you've departed the theater. An accomplished and satisfying debut in its raw authenticity.



The Rainbow Experiment | Editor Natalie Reneau (TEC Alum) - TEC June 2016 10 Saturdays class narrative film

This isn't another teen movie! Well...ok there are teenage cast members and it takes place in a high school. BUT, this film is so much more than that. The Rainbow Experiment is an epic tale of guilt and blame where adults refuse to take responsibility for their actions and too easily pass on their issues to the kids around or whomever is the weakest target. Director Christina Kallas takes a known story trope, blows it up, reverses it, adds her own spices to it and creates a brilliant and ambitious human story of loss and "life happens" where we can all recognize a bit of ourselves.

Announcing the Teachers for our January/February Six-Week Class

We're happy to announce that Kate Sanford and Amy Foote will be teaching our January/February 2018 Six-Week class!


Narrative Section

Kate Sanford is a feature film and television editor whose most recent project is the new Amazon series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel". She has a long-running collaboration with David Simon which includes HBO’s "The Deuce", the 6-part miniseries "Show Me A Hero", the pilot for the series "Treme" (ACE Award 2011), and all five seasons of "The Wire" (ACE Award 2006). Other television series include both HBO’s "Vinyl", executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Terence Winter, and five seasons of "Boardwalk Empire". 



Documentary Section

Amy Foote is a documentary editor based in Brooklyn, NY. Her editing credits include The Work (Grand Jury Prize SXSW 2017, nominated for a Gotham Award and Cinema Eye Audience Award); Peabody award-winning Mavis! (HBO); 1964 (PBS American Experience)  the Emmy-nominated and James Beard award-winning film, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt (HBO, BBC); For Once In My Life, (PBS Independent Lens, SXSW Audience Award 2010, IDA Best Music Documentary). and the Emmy-nominated film, Finishing Heaven (HBO). She was also was the Consulting Editor on Chef Flynn (Sundance and Berlin 2018), and was an Additional Editor on Long Strange Trip (Oscar Short list 2018, Amazon) and Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (PBS American Masters).

Alumni Film to Have New York Premiere at DOC NYC


Fail State, edited by TEC alum Regina Sobel, will have it's New York premiere this Friday at the IFC Center as part of DOC NYC.

Congratulations to all the alums involved!

Fail State | Edited by Regina Sobel | Associate Editor -  Isabel Ponte | Additional Editor - Betsy Kagen | Assistant Editors - Stella Quinn, Kerri Green & Katrina Pastore

More information on the film and screening can be found here.

TEC Alum Film "Sidemen: Long Road To Glory" to Premiere at Sunshine Cinema

Sidemen: Long Road To Glory edited by TEC alum Bo Mehrad, will have it's theatrical release on August 18th at Sunshine Cinema in NYC, with additional screenings across the country through September.

Variety says, “Sidemen is an exceptionally entertaining and captivating tribute to the men and their music."

You can read the full review here.

Information on showtimes and screenings can be found here.

Alumni film to screen at HRW festival

Home Truth, edited by TEC alum Becky Laks, will have screenings on June 11th and 12th in NYC.

"Shot over the course of nine years, Home Truth chronicles one family’s incredible pursuit of justice, shedding light on how our society responds to domestic violence and how the trauma from domestic violence can linger through generations."

You can find out more about the film and showtimes here.