Submit Your Film

A central part of the Edit Center curriculum lies in the collaboration between students and filmmakers. We've played a key role in the post-production process of indie-film success stories like Frozen River, Great World of Sound, Chelsea Walls, and Tadpole. We truly believe that our program can benefit the films being edited as much as the students editing them.

At zero cost to the film or the production company, Edit Center class projects get the benefit of extra eyes, extra hands, a free rough cut, and the experienced supervision and opinions of our teachers (whose credits range from Sicko and Maria Full of Grace to 30 Rock and Mad Men). Our students' work can provide a boost at the beginning of the editing process, when the emotional and financial stresses of production mean there isn't always the money or energy to launch the edit process; or extra creative juice at the end, when fresh eyes can find ideas and solutions that got lost in the intensity of the edit.

We are constantly reviewing potential films for us to edit in our six-week course and we look forward to the opportunity to work with new filmmakers. Please contact us if you're interested in submitting your film.

The Edit Center was one of the lynchpins that brought my film from a collection of ideas to a cohesive feature that will premiere on Showtime.
— Todd Lubin / Director, The Year of the Bull (Showtime)
From both a producing and directing standpoint, the Edit Center is a great way to work. To have eight students working on your film is a huge advantage.
— Gary Winick / Director, Tadpole (Sundance, Miramax)